Looking to get fit & healthy AND have loads of FUN at the same time? Come join our Zumba classes every Tuesday and Thursday!

Do keep a look out for our new nutrition & fitness package. More details on that will be out shortly!

New Salsa and Street Cha Cha classes will be starting soon so have a look at the courses below and sign up NOW!


Who says getting fit must be all frowns and grunts! Come join our Zumba classes to get FIT and have FUN at the same time! Please note the schedule below and if you are interested please sign up now!
  • Every Tuesday
    • Zumba Toning, 730-830pm
    • Zumba Fitness, 830-930pm

  • Every Thursday
    • Zumba Fitness, 730-830pm
    • Zumba Toning, 830-930pm
If you are interested in a weekday 630pm Zumba Fitness class, please let us know as well as we are looking into the possibility of running a 630pm class once a week.

next round of Salsa and cha Cha courses for 2014

if you have missed out current round of classes, not to worry! we are scheduling to start a new round of classes soon! do check out the dates and let us know if you are interested!
  • Salsa 1 - Wed 12 Mar, 730-830pm [Beginner's]
  • Salsa 2 - Mon 24 Mar, 730-830pm
  • Salsa 3 - Fri 14 Mar, 815-945pm [4 weeks]
  • Salsa 4 - Wed 12 Mar, 830-930pm

  • St Cha Cha 1 - TBA [Beginner's]
  • St Cha Cha 2 - Mon 24 Mar, 830-930pm

all courses will comprise of 6 x 1 hour lessons.